This Week #8: Splitting equity with late-joining co-founders, favorite roadmap templates, and small changes that improve your org

Share one thing that you’ve changed within your organization that has made your team meaningfully more effective

This Week #7: Effectively communicating about a failure to execs, managing founder expectations, and hiring a Director of PM

This Week #6: Cultivating good relationships with distributed co-workers, building trust to accelerate growth, and leveling up as a PM when you have extra time

This Week #5: Overcoming impostor syndrome, introducing growth to an org, and how to partner with your Data Scientist

This Week #4: Motivating engineers to hit deadlines, PM career ladders, and aligning with execs

This Week #3: Finding product/market fit, interviewing for a Director of PM role, and structuring discussions with senior leaders

The Secret to a Great Planning Process — Lessons from Airbnb and Eventbrite

This Week #2: Tackling the chicken-and-egg problem, building a growth team from scratch, and addressing overlap with PM peers 🤔

This Week #1: Must reads on growth, what PMs should focus on when joining a new team, and the value of an MBA

This Week #0: Advice on growth, product, and leadership

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Where Great Product Roadmap Ideas Come From

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